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TFM - Mastercam X9 4Th Axis Rotary Machining

TFM - Mastercam X9 4Th Axis Rotary Machining

TFM - Mastercam X9 4Th Axis Rotary Machining
A Axis Indexing with Dynamic & Solid Face Plane Creation.A Axis Indexing with Machine SimulationHorizontal Machining - How Fixtures Effect the SetupMult-Part Toolpaths using TransformationsRotary Die Creation From Flat LayoutHorizontal Rotary Contouring & Indexing with FBM.Full Rotary Contouring - Axial & Radial  Milling.Use Flat Layout Geometry & Substitution to create 3D Rotary
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Did you know you can do 4th axis contouring and Indexing with the basic Mastercam Mill? Most people don’t. This CD will cover how to get the most of your 4th axis vertical or horizontal mill. These concepts are the foundation for learning the more advanced multi-axis programming techniques. Watch these lessons right on your computer screen and learn the "Tip's & Tricks" to make your toolpaths more efficiently.

Learn how to take a 2D flat drawing and create a 3D Rotary Die part.  Using Axis Substitution, the most under used and extremely useful toolpath for doing 4Th axis Indexing and full 3D contouring. Create planes is a snap with the Dynamic Planes & Solid Face selection. Machine Pockets, Contours & Drilled holes on multiple faces. Copy operations, redefine the working planes and reselect your geometry. Then see the toolpath in Machine Simulation.  Learn about the importance of proper fixturing in Rotary Machining. 

Includes a variety of sample parts. Step by Step training, walks you thru every aspect of what you need to know.
31 Lessons. 11 Different Parts.
 4-1/2 Hours of Video with Narration.

Click Here To View A Sample Video.
Click Here To View A Sample Video.
Click Here To View A Sample Video.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD’s Never Expire.

    4th Axis Functions Covered.

    • Rotary Wrap Theory
    • Rotary Wrap Contour & Drill
    • Rotary Wrap 3D Pocketing
    • Introduction To Planes
    • Simple Rotary Indexing
    • Dynamic Plane Creation
    • Multi Plane Indexing
    • Copy Operations Between Planes
    • OD Thread Milling
    • Toolpath Optimization
    • Rotary Slotting
    • Single Part Indexing
    • Multipart Indexing
    • Vertical & Horizontal Examples
    • Roll Die C-Hook
    • Rotary Multiaxis Axial Toolpath
    • Rotary Multiaxis Radial Toolpath
    • Rotary Tilt Control (Lead/Lag)
    • Backplot & Verify Options
    • Machine Simulation
    • Toolpath Transform Translate
    • Toolpath Transform Rotate

      No Subscription to buy. Never expires.

      If you have  Mastercam  X9, and a machine with a rotary axis, You Should Have One Of These CD’s. It will probably pay for itself on the first rotary job.  It’s a “Teacher In a Box”.

      This CD Rom runs in 1080 x 800 resolution on any PC with a Web Browser (Firefox preferred). Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Compatible. A sound card & Speakers are required.
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