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TFM - Mastercam X8 X9 Interface Introduction Training CD

TFM - Mastercam X8 X9 Interface Introduction Training CD

TFM - Mastercam X8 X9 Interface Introduction Training CD
Wireframe geometry, Dynamic Milling & Contour Toolpaths.Working on Multiple Planes & Multiple Fixtures.Covers a wide variety of Drilling options.Create an Operations Library of favorite toolpaths.Transformations make it quick and easy to create complex geometry.
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Covers everything you need to get started drawing parts & making toolpaths. Detailed information about the Mastercam X8 & X9 interface  hotkeys.  These lessons will explain the little things that make you more productive. If you're serious about being a Mastercam programmer, then this is the CD you want to start with.

Starting with the part as a billet and machine the inside with G54 Work Offset. Next, plan the fixturing for the 2nd operation and set your G55 Work Offset. Let Mastercam determine your raw stock size
Watch these lessons right on your computer screen and learn the "Tip's & Tricks" to make your CNC machining more efficient.

This CD will work for X8 & X9 Mill.

Important Basics That Will Help Prepare You For Mastercam Certification.
48 Lessons.  7 Different Projects.
5  Hours of Video with Audio Narration.

Click Here To View A Sample Video.
Click Here To View A Sample Video.
Click Here To View A Sample Video.
Click Here To View A Sample Video.

Learn things about the Mastercam Interface you never knew we're there. Covers basic geometry construction and 2D Toolpaths, as they apply to typical, everyday machining. Includes extensive information on Drilling for a variety of part types. Learn how to select holes by Color, Line style, Level and Size.  Create reusable toolpath operations and make your own personal Toolpath Operations Library.  The CD includes useful Operations Libraries for machining tapped & counterbored holes, quickly and efficently.  Create Construction Planes, Work Coordinate Systems, Fixture Offsets and Shift Zero Points.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD’s Never Expire.

Mastercam Interface.

* Mastercam Screen areas
* Mouse/Interface Control
* Hotkey Short Cuts
* Geometry/Drawing Parts
* Live Entities (Lines, Arcs, Points)
* Trim, Fillet, Join & Break Entities
* Transformations (Rotate, Offset, etc...)
* Coordinate Input Options
* FastPoint, AutoCursor & Relative Picks
* Work Offset/Zero Shift (WCS-G54)
* Chaining/Selection Options
* Working With Planes
* Changing Entity Colors
* Changing Entity Levels
* Geometry Selection
* Data From The Model
* Solid Model Basics

* Importing CAD Files
Mastercam Toolpaths Functions.

* Introduction To 2D Toolpaths
* Dynamic Roughing Toolpath
* Setting Stock For Odd sized Parts
* Analyzing The Model (corners, depths, etc...)
* Pocketing
* Drilling, Tapping & CT. Boring.
* Copying Operations
* Creating/Saving Operations Libraries
* Includes Operations Libraries
* Create Machine Groups
* Create Toolpath Groups
* Multiple Planes
* Shifting Zeros
* Work Offsets
* Contour Toolpaths
* Incremental / Absolute
* Rapid Clearance Control
* Lead In / Lead Out

No Subscription to buy. Never expires.

Every Job Shop With Mastercam X8, Should Have One Of These CD’s. It’s a “Teacher In a Box”.

This CD Rom runs in 1080 x 800 resolution on any PC with Internet Explorer or Firefox Browsers. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Compatible. A sound card & Speakers are required.
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